Nothing good is easy: the importance of website analytics

Lancaster PA AnalyticsAnalytics matter for your business website; data tells you what you're doing right, where your site needs work, and how you best turn visitors into customers. But getting to the meat of website analytics can be difficult without the right analytics strategy. Here's how we help businesses in Lancaster, PA use data to drive smart online and content-marketing strategies.

Customized reporting

Despite the fact that many hosting providers deliver some form of analytics reporting, understanding what happens on your website can be difficult. Our team dives deeply into the numbers and comes to the surface with customized reporting that tells you what you really want and need to know. Data points that are important to a local dentist vary from those a local restaurant or retailer might be interested in, and we understand that analytics is never a one-size-fits-all proposition. Custom reports let you keep tabs on your website without the frustration and time-suck of clicking through live analytics, sorting numbers, and determining what vague categories and trends might mean.

Converting numbers to business intelligence

DReports don't usually stand well alone, which is why we provide a foundation of recommendations that align with your business needs and goals. Our recommendations help you turn raw numbers into business intelligence and data-driven decisions without hiring an in-house statistician or web-marketing guru. Using data and reports, we can help you identify weak points in your content or site architecture, point out positive trends in traffic and conversions, and test campaigns to evaluate marketing performance.

Proving marketing ROI

Whether you hold the purse strings or have to present marketing endeavors to someone else for expense approval, marketing dollars aren't always easy to come by. Proving marketing ROI is an essential step in keeping you or your boss comfortable with future expenses, and understanding what efforts generate a real return lets you streamline spending to generate the most revenue.

The competitive nature of online marketing—even for local businesses—makes reporting and analytics a critical part of any strategy. Let us do the legwork and deliver easy-to-read reports so you can take time to make the right marketing decisions for your organization.