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eCommerce strategies that get your products noticed

Lancaster PA eCommerce ConsultingBuilding an eCommerce site takes time and dedication, and having the capital to expand your catalog is one sign of success and growth. Continued success requires a strong eCommerce strategy, no matter how many services or products you offer. Visibility on search engines is essential for every product you list online, and getting your products in front of the right shoppers is the key to consistent conversions.

Did you know that every product on your website should have its own page with unique content? Many eCommerce companies simply grab product descriptions from the manufacturer's page, but duplicating someone elses content makes it hard for your page to rank well in the search engines. We can help you create unique product content that targets keywords related to both your audience and your products, increasing the chance that the right person sees your pages.

Product descriptions aren't the only thing you need for a strong eCommerce strategy. Customers are more likely to purchase things online if they can view quality images or videos about the product or see how previous customers felt about the product.

Site architecture is also critical to eCommerce success. Users don't want to be challenged by a labyrinth of pages and menus - they want to find useful products quickly, see recommendations for related products, and access a secure shopping cart to finalize their purchases. Certain items need to be well-communicated and easy to find, such as sales and clearance pages, return policies, and buy now buttons. Pages should also load quickly; consumers are likely to jump ship and look for products on competitor pages if they experience even a few seconds of load time.

Another component of a good strategy is using mobile-friendly page templates. An increasing number of people are purchasing products directly from their mobile devices. If you don't have a mobile-friendly site version, then customers can't see your products, much less purchase them.

Our eCommerce consulting services help businesses and site owners in Lancaster, PA ensure they are getting the right visibility online. We specialize in eCommerce marketing and can optimize your pages so you can sell more.