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Customized search engine optimization strategies

Lancaster PA SEOAccording to Interconnected World, 44 percent or more of online shoppers start their purchase with a search engine. Even if individuals are planning to buy locally or use a nearby service, they often begin on a search engine such as Google to locate options in the area. Your Lancaster, PA, business will miss out on customers if it doesn't rank well in the search engines, which is why search engine optimization is a critical component of any marketing strategy.

What is an SEO strategy?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the act of creating content and site architecture that causes your pages to be ranked higher in the search engines. Most searches return thousands of results that are listed 10 to a page. If your site doesn't show up on that first page, then you lose a majority of the readers to the competition. Most experts say ranking in the top three results for a keyword brings the best results.

Why is strong SEO difficult to achieve?

Anyone can slap content on a site, but strong SEO involves a complex approach to online marketing. Content must be abundant, high-quality, relevant, and interesting. Links have to be sourced organically. Keywords must be present in the right place, but you can't have too many of them. Site designs must be user-friendly, and internal linking must make sense. Multi-media improves SEO, but only if you know how to pull it off without creating a spammy or clunky site. Search engine optimization goes hand-in-hand with many other elements of online marketing, including social media, analytics, and content marketing.

Our SEO services

Search engine optimization is no longer an automated game. Successful site owners use current data, along with SEO best practices and knowledge about search engine practices, to create content and site architecture that is dynamic and friendly to both search engines and readers.

Our staff brings over eight years of experience to every project. We deliver a hands-on approach that combines your business needs and goals with everything we know about search engine optimization. Our recommendations are backed by data and always aligned with a desire to get the biggest return on your marketing investment.